I’m Already Here – Original Poem


Right here by your side
The calm of the morning air
Ease of a soft simple breeze

Under the sheets, wrapped tightly in my favorite shirt
The scent; a flashback

Dreams have vanished
Remaining in your memory
Can you hear my song?

I am still here
The last lingering drop of the shower
The smell of fresh brewed coffee
The footsteps of where we danced
The lasting grooves of where you held me by the fire

I’m here now
Caressing your hair
Speaking those words of love

In the pictures on the wall
The songs we sang together
The words we shared
The worn pillow with the marriage of perfume and cologne that defines us


I’m already here
Right by your side
Counting each special moment
Securing it forever

Never gone
Never a moment away
Never to waste a instant without you

I’m always here
In your thoughts, I never disappear
Every second, a flicker of us culminating in a million moments of perfection

I’m here now

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