Between Sand and Stones – Original Poem


Between sand and stones I’ll find my way back to you
In the darkness and light I will brave my wounded soul to find you
Hand in hand we will runaway

You were right

In my humbled state along these sharp edges, I look to the stars to light my journey
Time destroyed our bond
Left us alone and listless
Glue melted away by this war of hatred destroying the sentiment of devotion
Weakness is killing

The heat of the devils hypnosis lulled us
Deeper we fell
Further away we slipped away

Finally awakened
Lost; deserted
Without direction, without a compass to guide my way
No lantern to brighten this murkiness I have sunk into


I will find the road paved for you and I
Until I am on all fours crawling to your knees I will fight

When I look up into your eyes filled with glee and see the empty cup filled with tears of joy, I will know
I will know destiny has tricked the devil and forever I will look to the sun and find light in your arms

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