This Old Porch – Original Poem with Audio


This old porch sits high above the ragged old grass
Brown and green with patches of life remaining
Sitting on this rocking chair soothed by the creeks grooving into the wooden base

This old porch has a lifetime of memories under each two by four
A spider weaving its web in the corner content with his place
Birds sing each morning to this weary man rested high on his throne

With an audience of one, they rejoice
Never missing a performance
Blessed with coffee and the grace of a morning breath

This old porch faded in brown
Once beautiful and new
The foundation of a home
The gateway to a new life

Up the stairs to this covered sanctuary
An escape from the rain
Shelter from life’s storm


This old porch remains
A foundation for these weak legs
Knees shaking
Nails peaking through the base

Sun settling now
Rich rustic vision in the sky

From this old porch, the lights dim and the show begins

Cats settle on the steps
Mystified by the light
Clouds rolling in and resting above

Worn hands rest on the handle
A life labored proud and pure
Wrinkles compliment the tattered mahogany
Faded glory

Medals of valor of wars long since retired
Coal mines lined with tears
Path paved
Mouths fed
A life fulfilled

Another day on this old porch


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