Confessions of a Homeless Man – Original Poem


Confessions of a homeless man
A soul without a body to call home
Isolated and alone
Surrounded by the chaos of a million voices shouting at once

Undressed and naked
I stand before all of you
Exposed to your words

You torture me with your mental rocks and stones
Pillaged and worn I stand tall
Weakened by the scars; strengthened by the will

In the center I stand
Dirty and tainted
The crowd edges closer to my bare feet
Smaller and smaller the space between
Claustrophic dreams racing through my scattered head

The screaming is piercing now
Ears bleeding from the high pitched flow
Dripping down my chin soaking my face with my life’s blood

Closer and closer
The footsteps deafening
I cannot hide behind this invisible shield any longer
I close my eyes and wait

Inevitability has drawn the sword

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