All I Need – Original Poem


All I need
Is my true companion
The air that I breathe
A daily reminder of the love you bring

All I need is you
From the summer to the fall
Winter to spring

Rain will fall
Flowers will grow
Snow will glisten
Birds will fly

Time will pass like a warm evening breeze
Each smile a wrinkle placed strategically in the museum of your beauty
Housed under the temple of your skin
Forever encased for each passing visitor in need of a human touch
There you will be

All I need is you

You make me pure
Like the honey dripping off the petal to the tip of my tongue

I burn for you
A fire rages inside of me
Fuel by the deepest of human desire

Making love is everything
The collision of mind fortified by an eternal promise

You made me learn to laugh
Allowed me to cry
Found a resting place between happiness and sadness

Forgetting life’s problems through acceptance
You made a kingdom for the two of us


All I need is you
I turn to you as you walk away, soothed by your shadow
Counting time through the grains of the hourglass until we touch again

I’m missing you
Missing you with the good pain I feel inside

All I need is you

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