For a Little While – Original Poem


I wanna see you smile
I want to make you laugh
I want to touch your lips
For a little while

I want to be by your side and discover paradise
To soak in the smell of life’s fruit
To bask in the eternal pool of our oceans

For a little while

To feel the warmth of the sun’s glow
To lie in a bed of sunflowers
You are my garden
For a little while

We are here for a little while
Guests of the magical forest
Sharing its graces with all of the heavenly angels

To see this world through your eyes and know there is good
To hold a stranger for a moment while they believe once again
To remind the lonely they are not alone
To turn disaster into triumph
For a little while

Keep you warm in winter
Soothed in summer
Rolling in a pile of leaves decorated in the colors of the rainbow
Making snow angels as the flakes evaporate onto our faces
For a little while


You saved me
With each wink of the eye
You always knew

In my last breath
I will utter these words and promise you this
I will stay with you for a little while

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