Time Cast a Spell – Original Poem


The haunting of your voice and those three words echoing in my head with every beat of my heart
Pounding louder and louder with each passing day and each mile further from your arms

You cast a spell on me freezing in time the moments we will never forget

Going through life in a destructive path
With good intentions, my failures are my legacy

You asked
I answered with silence
Deafening silence

A hundred times spinning in my head
The moment relived frame by frame in slow motion
An ugly truth in 35mm

I was an island and I would not let you inhabit

This was always the story of us

The perfect storm
In with a blast, out with a whimper
We always lived in the now, like a roller coaster running off the tracks
Faces from the past racing by with each passing turn

A wonder journey of ecstasy


It had to stop
Passed the speed of sound to another dimension
Pulsating speed

Waiting for another tomorrow
Like the blink of an eye


Heart Possession – Original Poem


I will possess you
I will possess you

I am the canvas
You are the model

Forever you will rest on me
Still, captured in a moment of perfection when the sun soaks through the window frame and reflects off your soft skin

I will possess you
I will possess you

Secretly, I open up to you in the rich colors of the pallet

The smile
The deep personal expression of love captured

The painting breathes
A beating heart

I will possess you
I will possess you

I want you to become the canvas, dripping in the colors of life
I want to hold you and absorb the rich textures coating your skin
Seeping in my pores, feeling a burst of energy surge


You will possess me
Two become one in a rainbow of the celebration of love

Forever immortalized
Forever perfect

Poetry – Original Poem


It is the spirit of all emotion
Love, pain, hate and hope

It is the essence of life
The air that we breathe

Heart pounding, eager and proud

It is the purity of all that drives passion.

Poetry, in a word, is the core of existence
The light that shines on humanity and provides guidance

Overwhelming and gentle, it seeps into your soul and releases an orchestra of powerful hymns
We are pawns to a universal game of cat and mouse
Innovation and technology force us to look to the future
Poetry keeps us in the now

These are the words we remember
Not for the letters or the sounds, but for the moments they define

One moment can change it all
It solidifies the foundation and gives meaning
One moment forever captured

The historians Whitman, Plath, Keats and Neruda pen these moments so that we may learn
We may fly
We may be free

Freedom is not a life without shackles
Freedom is a mental state of expressiveness
It is a life without fear
A life of promise


That is the greatest human strength
It will not judge
It will not bear witness to a jury
It is never alone and always by your side

Never abandoned
Always an ally of love
A shadow hovering; coating the heart

Poetry – Original Poem Audio

Sun Soaked – Original Poem

Sun soaked

Sweaty sensations

Dripping from the hot pulsating radiance resting comfortably in the sky

Each morning rising from its resting place; cooled and re-energized

Picking up intensity with each leap into the blue abyss

Welcoming in its circular beauty; blessed with colors of warm richness


Sun soaked in the sand

Crystals of Earth’s playground surrounding me.

An endless tanning bed to rest my weary head

Blistering my skin; darkening my appearance

A summer’s disguise


Pores dripping with the bodies juices

Releasing themselves to the rich ground

Slowly sliding down the mortal being amusement park

Leaping off the diving board of the toes


The body is born once again

Sun soaked

Damp without movement

In awe, bowing to the infinite power of the ball of flame hovering in space

We are all children

Watched over



Lying in respect

We look to the sky

Sun soaked


Ashes and Bone – Original Poem


I’m aching and tired

Nearer to death I come

Curiosity sets in

Thoughts of the passings

A generation fading away

Fear is clouded optimism, murky and clammy; sticky and wet

No legacy; no triumph to leave behind


Ashes to bone

Ashes to bone


Sleep walking through life in a constant trance

Calculated risks

Conservative attempts at existence

Paralyzed in this prison cell of skin and blood

Waiting for my freedom soon to come

Maybe tomorrow

I can’t touch anymore

My senses heightened by this inability


Alone I lie

Aching continues

I silence the hate


This House – Original Poem


This house is breathing

No one is here

The floors creak and the walls moan

Voices of strangers echo off in the playfulness of darkness; dancing and singing to the folk hymns of yesteryear

All around, carvings of poetic verse knifed into the wooden beams

Forever messages of love

Silently the words speak; once alive and filled with the essence of life, now immortalized


This house is alive; humbled and free

It stands the test of time and stores our footprints for the next guests

Seeing us enter and leave Earth’s house is its fortunate tragedy

Each connection must go

It must leave and all that remains is the dust of memories


This house has the soul of a child

It is old and cracked

Aged and worn

Still seeing and feeling all


This house was built for all of us, past, present and future

It is a resting place; a shelter; a comfort zone; a home

It is you and I

Through the mirror we feel the laughter of great-grandparents so young

We receive hints of a past never written in history books



This house teaches

Messages of hope and faith


This house is a reminder of the cleanliness we are born into

Softness of virtue

Bright big eyes seeing the world head


This house stands




Tongue Tied Kisses – Original Poem


I’m a little boy around you

Playful and shy

Lost and confused

I giggle when you are near

Lost for words

Feeling silly in a sea of serious mayhem

I try to talk; tongue tied

You rip the words from my mouth and store them in a glass jar

Preserved and safe

Hidden under your pillow as you rest under the quiet night sky

Discreetly, you love me; I unaware

I see you through the window

Cute and carefree

You wear my heart on a string around your neck

Caressing your skin; complimenting your smile

I feel drawn to you; spiritually, mentally and physically

As I approach my solid frame reduces to a pool of jello

I want to scream how deep my feelings are but I am tongue-tied


I want to tell you all the right things

Still tongue tied

I want to kiss until the moon shines and he crickets sing from the marsh

I guess I will remain forever tongue tied to you, my love