Tongue Tied Kisses – Original Poem


I’m a little boy around you

Playful and shy

Lost and confused

I giggle when you are near

Lost for words

Feeling silly in a sea of serious mayhem

I try to talk; tongue tied

You rip the words from my mouth and store them in a glass jar

Preserved and safe

Hidden under your pillow as you rest under the quiet night sky

Discreetly, you love me; I unaware

I see you through the window

Cute and carefree

You wear my heart on a string around your neck

Caressing your skin; complimenting your smile

I feel drawn to you; spiritually, mentally and physically

As I approach my solid frame reduces to a pool of jello

I want to scream how deep my feelings are but I am tongue-tied


I want to tell you all the right things

Still tongue tied

I want to kiss until the moon shines and he crickets sing from the marsh

I guess I will remain forever tongue tied to you, my love



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