This House – Original Poem


This house is breathing

No one is here

The floors creak and the walls moan

Voices of strangers echo off in the playfulness of darkness; dancing and singing to the folk hymns of yesteryear

All around, carvings of poetic verse knifed into the wooden beams

Forever messages of love

Silently the words speak; once alive and filled with the essence of life, now immortalized


This house is alive; humbled and free

It stands the test of time and stores our footprints for the next guests

Seeing us enter and leave Earth’s house is its fortunate tragedy

Each connection must go

It must leave and all that remains is the dust of memories


This house has the soul of a child

It is old and cracked

Aged and worn

Still seeing and feeling all


This house was built for all of us, past, present and future

It is a resting place; a shelter; a comfort zone; a home

It is you and I

Through the mirror we feel the laughter of great-grandparents so young

We receive hints of a past never written in history books



This house teaches

Messages of hope and faith


This house is a reminder of the cleanliness we are born into

Softness of virtue

Bright big eyes seeing the world head


This house stands




2 thoughts on “This House – Original Poem

  1. What a well written fascinating poem. It could easily be in the first page of a novel. There are so many ways that you could go with follow ups to this poem.

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