Sun Soaked – Original Poem

Sun soaked

Sweaty sensations

Dripping from the hot pulsating radiance resting comfortably in the sky

Each morning rising from its resting place; cooled and re-energized

Picking up intensity with each leap into the blue abyss

Welcoming in its circular beauty; blessed with colors of warm richness


Sun soaked in the sand

Crystals of Earth’s playground surrounding me.

An endless tanning bed to rest my weary head

Blistering my skin; darkening my appearance

A summer’s disguise


Pores dripping with the bodies juices

Releasing themselves to the rich ground

Slowly sliding down the mortal being amusement park

Leaping off the diving board of the toes


The body is born once again

Sun soaked

Damp without movement

In awe, bowing to the infinite power of the ball of flame hovering in space

We are all children

Watched over



Lying in respect

We look to the sky

Sun soaked


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