Edge of Darkness – Original Poem

Dancing with my words I sit on the edge of darkness
This typewriter my biographer quiet and without bias
Formulating a journey that begins with a thought, led by an action, embraced by the power of love

Romanticized by yesteryear; blinded by progress

In a world of now, we often forget to blink and see beyond

On the edge of darkness I wait for the light that will shine on

Its glow reminds us of all that is good; a true faith in humanity

With this heart I carry a legacy
Never a day without the spirit of their wisdom guiding me
Images of my youth serve as a slide show of guidance for my future

On the edge of darkness, I see the world from up above
A bird on a wire


A glorious world filled with magic born from the womb of a mother and nurtured in the hands of love
A breath of compassion flirting with us as leaves of autumn fall and coat the ground with a rainbow of color


On the edge of darkness I see light

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