Walk Me Down This Crooked Line – Original Poem

Scalding me with the fire in your eyes; a ball of flame rolling off your lips
A temptress that strikes without warning; a murderous look of evil wrapped in skin as soft as a gentle breeze

This tightrope is the only thing that stands between heaven and hell
A thin line to you and the paradise I seek
As I get closer, the line sways
No longer straight; crooked and confused

I look to your face, hidden behind a mask of mischief
I see through the blackness to the blue glass in your eyes reflecting back an image of myself
I see pain and confusion; longing and desire; torture and serenity

The line shakes to remind me of the fragility of life
With every vibration, my body wobbles
Deep to the left; lean to the right
I see a bottomless pit below laughing in celebration of its next victim

You stand motionless; arms open up
A sign of welcome
A sign of acceptance

The crooked line straightens as the magnetic impulses of our beating hearts gravitate toward each other
Two bodies touch; flying high off the tightrope into an abyss high above the clouds


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