Beginnings – Original Poem

Through these eyes, I see wonder
A beautiful unknown, cold and safe
Wrapped in a blanket and warmed by the touch of another

In a moment of chaos, a womb disappears
An infinite abyss has opened its gates

My call for help translated into tears
Crying without knowledge

Slowly, the movie begins
Eyes opening; lights go on; music begins and the opening scene thrusts me into center stage
An audience of two watch with splendor and awe
I see myself in each of them

The monster within soothed by their smile
Confusion is all I know

I am wrapped in the arms of a woman soon to be called mom
I am looked over by a man soon to teach me the lessons of life

I will someday be on my own
In a suitcase of memories and education, I will forge forward empowered by my birthright
Earning a place in the eternal journal of life

Today marks my beginnings
A clean slate of hope for a bright tomorrow
A future grounded on this moment

This very second
I start with one
I am me and I will be proud


Merry Go Round – Original Poem


Round and round we go

Each day, a new beginning circumventing to an end
Same sites; same faces

Cheering as I go up and down
Safe on this horse
Where does it stop?
Each beginning; each end; repeat

At the first spin, I crawl from the womb
Mother smiles

Round and round we go

The girl that made me skip a heart beat
First kiss so close
She broke my heart

Round and round we go

Graduation day so proud
Parents sigh
Mother cries
On my own

Round and round we go

There she is on the horse beside me
Next to me nestled and safe; my destiny
Soft, gentle, inviting
She is the answer I have always sought
I take her hand for life

Round and round we go

Apartment empty now
This room becomes a home
On the rocking swing watching the dogs play inside the white picket fence
Birds sing
She rests in my lap

Round and round we go

The job is hard
Spinning so fast
Cannot fall off; cannot fail
Live with passion
Live with drive
Is this where I want to be?


Round and round we go

The first tears
A new life
Embrace the faith; continue the cycle

Round and round we go

The circle continues, but to achieve greatness, I must face the fear
Step off the spinning platform
Take the leap

The next chapter is to begin
Breaking the barrier and be free as the white horse on the sandy beach
Letting nature and man become one
Completing the spiritual awakening that is the beloved gift of life

Mark A. Leon and Charleston Daily Present A Journey Through Charleston – Photo Exhibit

Journey V2When:  Friday, December 5, 2014 from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM / All Month Long for viewing and purchase

Where: How Art Thou Cafe, 1956 Maybank Highway, James Island, SC

What:  Launch of A Journey Through Charleston, a photographic exhibition.  That evening and all month long you can purchase framed and unframed photography that highlights Charleston and its people.  This is the first exhibit of this original photography.

I want to share this with everyone that has support my artistic growth and development and thank you for helping to challenge me in all my endeavors.

We hope to see you all there for some live music, great drink specials and some amazing photography.

Quest for My Song – Original Poem


A quest for my song; that is the purpose
Those chosen words to leave behind

Drunk with clarity
Drowning in the sorrow of perfection

In heavens hands I rest

Fear is not in the darkness; it is in the light
To fight for the light is the victory
Giving up is letting fear swallow you; flesh and bone down to the soul

This is my fight; my words; my anthem for existence
It is my legacy to those who have yet to breathe

To a generation that will have to find new direction, you will need guidance
To babies without the eyes to see, we must pave the roads
To sons and daughters yet to be conceived, you must crawl to find your legs

My song will speak to you
You will not know me or have memories to piece together of my time among the living
You will rely on faith to understand the meaning
You will stray
Find your way back
Follow your voices; they will motivate greatness
You are the human spirit

Remember, this is for you

Light speed ahead to a crying mother who sees the continuation of life cupped in her hands

It must be perfectly flawed
Damaged by the mistakes I have made
Pure from the values I hold


My days feed this empty pen with ink
With the power of movement, I write

This is the quest for my song

My Little Town – Original Poem


Racing down the street in my yellow two wheeled racer
Wind at my back and open road ahead
In my little town, I was king

No factories, no crime
No sign of a world outside

Subtle complexity and wonder; how pure we were then
Like untapped honey, our sweet journey anointed us
We were the believers

There was no cure for the disease of laughter and happiness

At night, the sounds of grasshoppers sending out their mating calls while we watched the stars dance in the sky entertained our senses
Cheap wine on the rocks was shared among friends

There was no future; no past
We only knew the now

Our parents sat by the window waiting to greet us home
Dogs playing in the yard
Lawns moved and the fresh smell of cut grass was our drug

In my little town, I was king
Hiding from the neighbors waiting to be found
Racing down the street to the corner just to step outside our walls

In the summer, the steps were the arena where a laser light show of fireworks shot off from every direction
Mom and dad on each side, sparklers in hand
Proud to be an American as the flag waved in the background


This was my little town
A proud town; small and free
Quiet and proud

I learned about life in my little town
A place to call home

Relativity of Life – Original Poem

The science is clear
My heart lies dormant when you are not near

I heard sounds, but only in my head
A re-creation of your voice so clear
Nowhere close to the reality I let slip away

Are you happy with your new life?
A new sky to sleep under
A fresh sun to warm your skin as it breaks through the morning dew dripping from the window pane
Did the clouds provide comfort in your journey?
Does he keep you warm?

The repetitive feel of your breath on my chest as your dreams swept you away to another place reminded me of the story of a child who found wonder in a forest of enchantment

He got lost only to be found
Along the way, creatures appeared, different and strange, with compassion and acceptance
They were an extension of himself; a boy with virtue

In the end, he found a home inside the warm canvas of his heart
Each creature, a part of his soul

The waves of sound resonate as millions of strangers converse
The heat rises with the pressure of the Earth’s core


Rain falls to wash away the dirt and give flowers life for another year

You are not near
You are gone

Under another moon you sleep

A Life of Passion – Original Poem

by Mark A. Leon

by Mark A. Leon

We are filled with passion
An undeniable thirst for truth
An unquestionable saga from the first breath to the last

It is in all of us to pursue an unmarked path and lay the foundation for a legacy

A legacy of desire
A legacy of learning
A legacy of defined testimony from the bible of our lives

We are all authors, explorers, dreamers and educators

In life we learn; in experience we fall; in the end we teach
We hold a burden; heavy in our hearts, light in our generosity

We have choices
To step on hot stones in pursuit of a great unknown
To hold back in fear; safe in the transparency of a bubble

Each one of us is bestowed upon birth a bag
Filled with emotion
Overflowing to the outside world
Untrained and wild, it flows through our veins and screams breaking the sound barrier and racing to the end of the universe

We have so much power
More than we can ever comprehend

We are heroes
Children look up and see their futures in our eyes
They smile and laugh and cherish

They see what we must
There is no do over; but there are new beginnings

We are part of an explosion; a renaissance of art, literature, invention and hope
We have the ability to save


We are not lost
We are found
Penetrate the layers and break the boundaries
There you will find it all
Measure you legacy