Lost Generation – Original Poem


Every generation gets lost
In a maze of uncertainty and temptation frolicking at every turn, the collective pool of compassion must ignite us to find our way back

A baby lies alone in a bed of daisies
Seeing a world of possibility through hits glowing blue eyes

A deer looks innocently on an open field hoping to graze the pasture

A bird singing to its mate echoes the sounds of nature through the wind

A dreamer pens words to his lover under a crisp autumn sky

A visionary finds peace in simplicity. For the first time without thought; without worry

We all get lost
Saturated with self-doubt, fault will overwhelm judgment

In that moment; that instant it will happen
A big bang of pure silence will race through the veins
A burst of enlightenment will color the world before you
An explosion of good for all to share

This will be your time. This will be our time
The renaissance will once again be re-born

You are beautiful
You are right

I am the one as are you
We are angels; givers; caretakers

We will love for the sake of love and be alive with the flavors of life
Reign free and let it rain the spontaneous shower cleansing us from this journey

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