In the Air – Original Poem


Layered hair flowing so gently tapered off just above the neckline
Eyes as crystal clear as the blue Alaskan lakeside

Lost in thought as your soul leaves you for a moment to explore the skies above
Clouds tickle your emotions
Looking down at the green fields through a greyish haze of a cool autumn day
From this elevated state, life is perfect

An angel serving others with gentleness
A caring demeanor; so few words spoken
Your place is with us, strangers looking to you for a sign

A beautiful lady
Heart of gold
Strength of a thousand stallions

To the skies you find solace
Your home defies gravity

It is from city to city you energize your body
It is the floating wings where you find your answers

Underneath these clothes your spirit dances; leaping through the air
Suspended in flight, reality is frozen

You smile at us, give that secret nod and we know
In the air, we are all free

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