Relativity of Life – Original Poem

The science is clear
My heart lies dormant when you are not near

I heard sounds, but only in my head
A re-creation of your voice so clear
Nowhere close to the reality I let slip away

Are you happy with your new life?
A new sky to sleep under
A fresh sun to warm your skin as it breaks through the morning dew dripping from the window pane
Did the clouds provide comfort in your journey?
Does he keep you warm?

The repetitive feel of your breath on my chest as your dreams swept you away to another place reminded me of the story of a child who found wonder in a forest of enchantment

He got lost only to be found
Along the way, creatures appeared, different and strange, with compassion and acceptance
They were an extension of himself; a boy with virtue

In the end, he found a home inside the warm canvas of his heart
Each creature, a part of his soul

The waves of sound resonate as millions of strangers converse
The heat rises with the pressure of the Earth’s core


Rain falls to wash away the dirt and give flowers life for another year

You are not near
You are gone

Under another moon you sleep

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