Quest for My Song – Original Poem


A quest for my song; that is the purpose
Those chosen words to leave behind

Drunk with clarity
Drowning in the sorrow of perfection

In heavens hands I rest

Fear is not in the darkness; it is in the light
To fight for the light is the victory
Giving up is letting fear swallow you; flesh and bone down to the soul

This is my fight; my words; my anthem for existence
It is my legacy to those who have yet to breathe

To a generation that will have to find new direction, you will need guidance
To babies without the eyes to see, we must pave the roads
To sons and daughters yet to be conceived, you must crawl to find your legs

My song will speak to you
You will not know me or have memories to piece together of my time among the living
You will rely on faith to understand the meaning
You will stray
Find your way back
Follow your voices; they will motivate greatness
You are the human spirit

Remember, this is for you

Light speed ahead to a crying mother who sees the continuation of life cupped in her hands

It must be perfectly flawed
Damaged by the mistakes I have made
Pure from the values I hold


My days feed this empty pen with ink
With the power of movement, I write

This is the quest for my song

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