Merry Go Round – Original Poem


Round and round we go

Each day, a new beginning circumventing to an end
Same sites; same faces

Cheering as I go up and down
Safe on this horse
Where does it stop?
Each beginning; each end; repeat

At the first spin, I crawl from the womb
Mother smiles

Round and round we go

The girl that made me skip a heart beat
First kiss so close
She broke my heart

Round and round we go

Graduation day so proud
Parents sigh
Mother cries
On my own

Round and round we go

There she is on the horse beside me
Next to me nestled and safe; my destiny
Soft, gentle, inviting
She is the answer I have always sought
I take her hand for life

Round and round we go

Apartment empty now
This room becomes a home
On the rocking swing watching the dogs play inside the white picket fence
Birds sing
She rests in my lap

Round and round we go

The job is hard
Spinning so fast
Cannot fall off; cannot fail
Live with passion
Live with drive
Is this where I want to be?


Round and round we go

The first tears
A new life
Embrace the faith; continue the cycle

Round and round we go

The circle continues, but to achieve greatness, I must face the fear
Step off the spinning platform
Take the leap

The next chapter is to begin
Breaking the barrier and be free as the white horse on the sandy beach
Letting nature and man become one
Completing the spiritual awakening that is the beloved gift of life

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