I Miss You Still – Original Poem

I miss you still
Like the corner of my mind, I still feel you all the time

I miss you still
Hoping in my heart, I will see you one more time

I miss you still
It aches inside when I think too much of the days we spent together and the nights you soothed my soul

With each passing moment, I remember fondly your words; so kind; so poignant
You reached into my mind and held my thoughts tight

In you, I became me
You inspired me in darkness
Lifted me from the trenches
Nurtured me with your approach toward life

I see your picture on the wall
Sensing your words, I feel your presence
So strong

Waiting for a sign you are watching over me
I want you to know I have done well
I want you to be proud
To smile; to hug; to embrace

The essence of independence has triumphed through your courage

Each step toward greatness is shared with you

I miss you still

Like a baby bird recently hatched, I look to the sky in wonder


I miss you still
Comfortably insane
In my silence, I call to you

I will not close these mental images
The box remains open

I miss you still

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