I Thank The Lord – Original Poem


I thank the Lord for your presence

The ghosts of the past haunt me with chilling replays of the same horror story
In a loop it plays
Beating down on me like a hard sun

I thank the Lord for bringing me to you
My friend, my guiding force

Alice looked for answers in a land of wonder
Dorothy sought a way home
Peter longed to be forever young
Mary Jane wanted to hypnotize you from reality

Rolling out the red carpet for the gala opening night of the rest of my life
You are the champagne that gets me drunk; the lavish gown that makes me feel important; the paparazzi that immortalizes me for fifteen minutes at a time

I thank the Lord for the rain to cleanse my soul

I am your son, servant and great hope
I am rich in this earthly poverty

I thank the Lord for bringing you to bring light to my darkness

For the family, friends, lovers and demons, I thank the Lord
I look up to the sky and see you smiling in the sunlight

I knew once that I knew nothing
City lights disguise
Country roads hide

In the infinite place, there is freedom
The mind escape

I thank the Lord for bringing you to me
Your kindness saves me
Your presence protects

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