I Promise You This – Original Poem

I hope that you will understand
This is not a one night stand
When I reached to take your hand, I meant to promise you this life I have planned

Please forgive me for I have sinned
I rushed you into my arms without the honor of chivalry
A knight less humbled by the lustful passion silhouetted by the candlelight
The vision of you forever pinned

With my words I swept you away to a place where poetry and motion left us breathless
With one final gasp I heard your calls
A cry for help and happiness and so much more

You lay beside me dreaming a lifetime away flying together on a magical journey high in the sky
The sun is our enemy
Hard, raw and judging

Judge thee not
Our sins are prayers for the future
I promise you this

I will return
I will remain

In time, you will see
In passing, we will grow
Fondness in a kiss

Patience in the passing season


I promise you this
This is not a one night stand

I echo again these words
I promise you this
This is not what I had planned

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