I Can See – Original Poem

I feel once again
It is all clear
Rising from the ashes of a life led without clarity

I can feel again
Pierced through my skin, I breathe life out of this heated body of flesh and blood

I love again
In greatness, there is life
Earned, fought, determined

With a thousand kisses, I will shower you
With a thousand more, I will remind you

Every day
Every moment
I swear

From the hearts of children to the final prayers of the dying, you are my in between
A gift that unwraps my vulnerability

A heart broken in pieces
Lying relentlessly scattered
Struggling to come together once more

A crowd gathers
Strangers converging on a miracle
A foundation born from an explosion
Fractured, impaired, powerless

From the ruins of a life lost
Courage is rendered with the kindness of her smile
Her tender hand picks up the remnants and with soft kisses a phoenix reborn

I see her
She rescues me

She is me
I am her
I am not alone

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