Journey of Discovery – Original Poem

I would never give up on you.
In faith, in glory, in sadness I will be by your side

Right now, I cannot
I cannot comfort you with my words

You stand alone without direction; uncertain of the life ahead
Decisions are there, sealed away in an envelope inside your head
Sealed tight by your past

You have choices now that must be found within yourself
A pilgrimage awaits you; a rite of passage to find answers

You have the strength in your heart to fuel your legs as you venture into the dessert
That infinite abyss coddles you with fear and heartache
Dust from the wind will blind you
Find the perseverance to see

Only you can complete this spiritual quest and only then will happiness caress your skin; soak through the pores and flow through your body like a renaissance

This rising of the phoenix will awaken you
Flowers will rise in the sand; suns will collide, enlightenment will be discovered

Then, at that moment, I will return

Today marks a celebration of you
Find the path;
It will be laced with broken dreams that will cut you
Work through the blood to find the honey

You will find what you are seeking

I will be there
I will always be there


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