A Life Changed – Original Poem

All my life I had the right romantic lines
Misguided hearts took in these words
Dreams of princes and horses
Even I got swept away

I cannot commit, I heard them say
I am a fuck-up, I witnessed with each passing day
Deep I sighed; diving head first into a journal of spinning wheels

Over and over in a deja vu twister running rampant through the open fields

I prayed for the discovery of love
Who received them, I do not know
It is faith, written in scriptures by men fortifying the ground with nourishment for the plants to grow
Like the spirits of great men and women before, I am a visitor finding a way to a land of promise

High on this cross I dangle looking on this living garden flourishing below

I wait for answers
Will they come in the wind; will they be summoned by an angel; will they go undelivered because I have been given a destiny of decadence

It was a test of faith; a calling of fate
Welcoming me after a tired pilgrimage through the desert

She awaits
Dressed in white; welcoming me with her virgin smile
Preserved for me

I take her outstretched hand with all the strength remaining and we float to the clouds
High above the chaos where sounds of violins lull the angry beasts away

I am at peace
To feel this love is like a thousand waves crashing on my back washing away all the mistakes
She waited

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