You are Perfect – Original Poem

Live deliberate
Walk alone into the woods
Guided only by the impulse of your senses and the passion of your search for self-awareness


Look deep inside your life bag
Weighed down by material value of insecurity
Look deeper
Find the hugs
They are there, cuddled in the corner waiting to to be remembered

Now hold them; feel the rush
Your heart is racing; blood boiling
Now calm

Listen around you
A small hummingbird buzzes above the nectar of a lily
A tiger purrs
Ants march back to the hill

Keep listening

The sound of your mother and father calling you in from a distance
You first heartbreak; oh how much you learned
That moment of self-doubt
You overcame; you achieved; you found promise

Wait, there is more
Listen, listen, listen

The buzz of the rising sun
The gift of warmth
Life’s reward around the corner disguised as an eagle soaring above

Now close your eyes

Can you see a future of possibility?
Can you feel your life bag being filled with unconditional love?
Without the force of gravity to weigh you down

Live deliberate
With purpose; with definition


Listen so close only the spirit of your conscious can hear

The wonder of your greatness is singing in the rain
A warm coat of wet magic soothes your pores

Bathing on a land free

Open your eyes
See a light a little brighter

Look at yourself in the reflection of the puddle below
You are beautiful
You are perfect

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