This is Heaven – Original Poem

It’s my moment in the sun
This is heaven the way it is supposed to be
Breathing life into a new world begun

We are prophets; we are servants; we are equal
We are one

This is heaven
The ocean caressing my toes with the the bath water of a million living things kissing through the pores to my soul
The sun runs its fingers down my back with the warmth of its rays
Leaves tickle me as they dance to the Earth’s base

This is heaven
This moment
In an absolute explosion of unexplained magic we witness the collective embodiment of perfection

A child looks up to his mother
Sparkling eyes, arms open wide
Extending for that moment when two become one

A young lover
In love
He sees the girl; confesses with a sonnet
Rejoices in two souls spiritually connected

This is heaven

Music from the heart of a dreamer races in the wind generously filling the ears of many
It is a harmony of all things connected
Grains of grass whistle
Tigers roars like the beat of the drum
Birds charm a woodwind of melody

This is heaven
Our place
Our time

With deliberate purpose we find a path
Marked with the past, cleared for the future

I am you; you are me
We are infinite

I share this place with you

This is heaven
This is home

How beautiful it all is

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