Alone and Disabled – Original Poem

I lied to you
I am disabled
A reject of society
Sworn to this motionless bed of distress

Young lovers frolicking in the grass plains
Children building sand castles and giggling as the waves wash away their creation

I drank from the cup of our passion once; drunk and so complete
Now I sit alone rooted into the ground
I cannot move
Nor feel you in my heart

Disabled and turned away
The sign reads no longer welcome

This house now collapsed
I rummage through the rubble to recover lost memories
A scrapbook, a photo album, a note


The pond is dry now
To whet the appetite for life is now but a dream
A premonition buried in the darkness of a gloomy future

I reach to feel something
Someone, perhaps
For a momentary speck, I am alive
I can walk

Walking turns to running
Running into your welcoming arms

It was a mirage
A spectacle of Broadway proportions

No open arms
No skin to skin embrace

Just this chair
Alone and disabled

Like a bird condemned by the devil
I sit still looking up to the endless sky