Then There Were Two – Original Poem

Sketches in the sand washed away
A ballerina tip toes across the stage to an audience of one
The performance of a lifetime to the one that matters

Then there were two

Another year has passed
Winds of change have sent shivers down this aging spine
Twelves months; three hundred and sixty five days; five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Another year has passed
Some saw escape in failed suicide
Others found solitude in being alone

Love was gained and lost, but never forgotten

Then there were two

The highest mountain peaks journeyed
Depths of the ocean base realized
In a time when we need to feel again; discovery

In their childhood dreams they rediscovered the meaning of love
A fantasy world where Romeo and Juliet lived happily ever after
Where the princess and prince rode across the sand in white horses

Then there were two
Now, seeing the world from a different angle
Ones sunrise, is the others sunset

A year has passed since my last reflection
I still see her
Across the room; the only vision in a room of hundreds
She smiled that secret smile
She would be mile and I hers

Without a word spoken, our destiny was narrated in the stars
In a dress made from the lining of an angels skin she stood calling for me

A year has passed
I still see her, faintly

In just a few hours, letting go to another year
A symbolic leap
A gesture of acceptance
A chance for the phoenix to rise again

Then there were two

Tonight we dance
The dance of life
At the end we will rest our weary heads
Dream of love and begin a new day

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