Because of These Words – Original Poem

Because words remind us to love

Yet for thousands of years, we have retreated
Making the same mistakes
Breaking all the promises

In a jealous rage, we fight off the one thing worth living for
We stop believing in the words
Afflicted, not affected

Affection is an extension of faith
Faith in a higher power
Faith in an eternal home
Faith in the transcriptions of writers and lovers

This demon sculpted by the hands of the devil and imbedded into our soul is infecting our hearts
Its porcelain core is fragile, but strengthens with each flawed act
A disease with no apparent cure

We have the power to love
To yearn through tenderness
We are artists, painters, poets and romantics

Gazing at the stars we see forever in the night’s sky
In that moment, peace is found
Confusing the demon

In that brief wink of time all is clear
A deeper meaning found

A generation lost
One capable of being found

In each other
In compassion
In love
In the ideology of intense clarity and shared energy

Because of these words I say to you, I will break the chain
I love you

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