Fear….. – Original Poem

Why are we all so fucking afraid?
We are fucked up by the nature of existence

Our days are numbered
Our legacy always in jeopardy

We all have the same question; the same concerns; the same fears
Is there a higher being?
Will we join in the eternal dance?

What drives this fear?
We dream for happiness; we pray for love; we thrive for acceptance
Yet mental drive and mental passion never transform to realistic action
We exist to pass a period of time of mortal existence

For a moment

Just think
Breathe in
Take in this moment in time; realize your vision and act

Entrance, stage left
Lights flashing upon you
The audience stares in eager anticipation of your shining moment
Dazzle in this moment

The stage is a metaphor for life
It is our grand moment of mortal solitude

We resist every moment until the very last
In our last breath, we look back in sorrow
Reflecting on what could have been
What might have been

No legacy to leave behind
No foundation to lay a future

Why are we so fucking afraid…..

I sit in the darkness and yearn to feel

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