New World Order – Original Poem

I am the messiah
On these pillars I stand
My shepherds below

Soothed into hypnosis by the songbirds singing gay tunes from the clouds above
A new world order has begun

You were warned
The signs spoke through the bullhorns of your actions

Making love under the stars; soon to burn out
The flood cleansed you
Washing away the bad spirits
Leaving behind flesh and bones of despair
Now the waters have dried

A new race of beings
Humanoids built without emotion
Programmed with logic

No room to breathe
A weakness embedded into the evolutionary process

With the consistent march of the ants, the journey begins
A new beginning

Darkness rules this sunless world
A sensibility lost in the absence of childhood
The air is deaf without the whisper of another to be heard
Marked with the blood of those that dared to dream

Now gone; soon to be forgotten
A new world has begun

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