Come Back Home – Original Poem with Audio

Come back home
Just come back home

It is cold inside this lonely heart
The fire is a little dimmer
The words a little softer
Don’t let a good thing die

I need you
Three of the hardest words to will from this selfish mouth
Cursed in the rationalization of self worth

I see you in the eyes of others
The rough touch of life is covering me with mental bruises

Cut by the memory of you walking away
Stung by those words forever tattooed

All around the world I will go
Willed by temptation
Caught in a trap
I can’t escape these words I’m saying
Forever deemed to a merciless life willing happiness on others

Masked from the public eye
Hidden behind romance
So they say
The worlds of a lover, the actions of a coward

Help me break these chains
Come back home
Where we belong

Leap from the clouds
Hand in hand
Gravity with betray science and freeze us in time

Come Back Home Audio

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