So Close – Original Poem

In a world of light and darkness
Fate and free will
There was you

Please forgive me

I know not what I do; what I fear; what I say

Once upon a time, I penetrated you
Did you hold back your love?
Life a stone to a glass house, it all shattered

To feel the pain of this loss, I walk a half a mile on the sharp edges of the glass
Bleeding and screaming, I hope you hear my call

Why did you have to say goodbye?

We were windmills spinning in circle
Turbulent winds increased the intensity of the spin

There is no wind now
Dormant and still
In rain, snow and sleet we stood

I wanted to seek shelter in your dreams
I couldn’t see you in the darkness

Why did you say goodbye?
Did you get what you deserve?
Do we all get what we deserve?

Was I your disease; your cure?

So close we came, yet so far away

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