Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Original Poem

Nobody feels anything
Why am I afraid to love you

When I was starving, you fed my soul
When I thirsted in the dessert, you quenched my need with your kiss
Your healing only hurt more

I must go now
Please don’t look for me
Forever with me you will be

Under this Manhattan sky hidden between towers of steel as high as the heavens, I will think of you
Reflection of a time that was right
When a perfect storm met perfect harmony

You were a hurricane
Forceful and fierce
In an instant you spun me around, swept me into you spiral

I closed my eyes and accepted without resistance
Swallowed alive, but so safe in the eye

To hell and back I rode with you
Fire in the engine
Blurriness disappear
Clarity like sharp crystal hand blown from the mouth of a divine spirit

Now it is time to say hello and wave goodbye

With fondness, I trail the footsteps of the past imprinted on this road of heartbreak

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