Tasting Life – Original Poem

She made me feel like I was ten
A little boy curious about love
It was a strange tingle; in a good way
In an innocent playground of concrete we stood

Romance blew me over like a locomotive train

When you held my hand, I was safe
I found comfort in your smile
Across the table, I saw us forty years from now through their eyes

You were secure in my honesty
I, in your insecurities
Your flaws so enchanting

When you introduced our date I giggled shy and blushing
I was proud to be by your side
That moment was the type of perfection I never could have scripted

I kissed you goodbye
Without hesitation; without delay
It was so comforting

Soft lips embracing

Right in that moment she was here; I was there
A modern princess in jeans and sparkles

I wanted to dance to the beat of your heart under the lunar crystal ball

The next rendezvous would have to wait….

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