One Day – Original Poem

One day a boy met a girl
No fanfare.  Just a look in her eyes, a glance, a stare back
A secret smile shared

She grew up on Cinderella hoping to lose her slippers along the way
Him on tales of adventure
They both ran away through the fields of possibility
Wild flowers, grains and warm sun to guide their way

With passion flowing through their veins, they pursued dreams of a better place
To live a life of virtue and render a legacy of hope

One day a boy met a girl and then a lifetime of wandering with their life bag on their backs had meaning
The words were defined
The paintings overflowed with the colors of greens and blues

One day a boy met a girl and it all would change
A life of many shrunk to two

He breathed for her
She yearned for him
They both stood naked; stripped of their inhibitions and fears

Raw, honest, fresh
Each unlocking their box, exposing two hearts with a lifetime of scars
Each day, a healing process

With the touch of a hand, the secret smile now shared with many
No more hiding
In the open, they danced
They danced to the music of the night
Loud and thunderous; soft and slow
They danced
A life of music discovered

One day a boy met a girl
Both confident and independent, now shy and insecure
Goosebumps on a warm fall night
Unusual; memorable; extraordinary
On that day, they visualized a lifetime of love and locked it securely in the back of their minds
Always to come out in dreams

One day a boy met a girl
He found love; he gave love
She accepted

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