Zen – Original Poem

It’s like fire in my veins when I look at you looking back at me
The subtle stare; the gentle breeze of emotional stimulation caressing my skin


I will not take these moments for granted
Like flowers in between my toes; I embrace the gifts of nature and time
I am defined by the tattoos I leave behind in the sand
Permanent reminders of a life led well

A moment of zen
A life of happiness
The accomplishments of this life find refuge in the life we have created
The laughter and smiles our reward

In your eyes, I see tomorrow
Bright sunlight
Extraordinary scenery
Beautiful wonder

Floating on the ocean ceiling
Arms spread
Legs open
Ocean a blanket
Earth’s holy water fills my pores


In a singular unprecedented blink of an eye, the sky lights up with seven unique bodies of color arching from the heavens to bless us
Rain colliding on our faces
The water of eternity and the bath of now are one crashing in our souls

The rainbow speaks
In reds and blues and yellows
From the clouds, a slide of utopia

The perfect moment
All shared through your eyes
Looking at you, looking at me

It’s Zen


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