Masquerade – Original Poem

Life is a masquerade
Each year, new layers added, hiding the gross skin of imagination and fearlessness
Once filled with love; swallowed by the concrete shell of maturity

The ball is endless at birth
A soiree of gowns and suits dancing below the glow of the chandelier
Weary and tired, the crowd grows sparse
Faces no longer recognizable

Endless moments of infinite flux colliding in a million explosions
No pain seen through the darkness of the mask
A masquerade; enchanted and wrought with elegant mystery

Blackness shades the pupils
No tears to wipe away the layers of makeup covering the Lord’s sculpture
Penetrable no more
Zombies now

We answer to no one and everyone
We fear a voice
We listen for our call

The music dims with the light
A masquerade once now a funeral of lost spirits

To seize the moment when dreams are an extension of reality
To ride this wave of perfection when fear is power and risk becomes legend

It once was a time when hopes and spiritual enlightenment was all we knew
Paints, words, pictures were the canvas of our hearts

Now a masquerade
Disguised from a world we once knew

Behind this mask, the truth is revealed
A body that houses love
A face that shines

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