Good Morning Son – Original Poem

Good morning son
Someday, we will sit down and talk about this day
The day that changed my life forever

Through the years, you will see rain and thunder
Feel pain and hurt
Reflect on a time when you crawled into my arms for safety
Tears were playful and had no consequences

You will struggle through the maze of life,  getting cuts and bruises along the way.
In unexpected moments, you will be amazed by the love you find along the way
Your mind will fuel uncertainty and you will compromise

I will be there along the way
Advice, hugs and maybe a little laughter

Good morning son

The world is in front of you now
No memories to hold onto; no regrets to look back upon
Soon you will know the experiences you have lived will impact you

For now, you are my little miracle

Good morning son
Good morning son

Today, let’s play

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