Dear Lover – Original Poem

Dear Lover,

Our first kiss took away my innocence
Raw and untouched, now forever basking in your scent

Like a candle on the sill during a stormy night, my light of curiosity extinguished
I can taste your soul on my lips
Wet and warm

On this cross I wait for a truth to awaken me
I am no saint; nor a savior
Just a mortal
Surviving on each breath
A thought, an action, a dream

Our time here in this place is borrowed from the hands of a great unknown
But this is my time; my place; my destiny to be made

You are my guiding force
A seed planted at birth
Now sprouting into my vision

With the sun in your eyes
The hymns of the prophets flowing from those sinfully soft lips
The feel of an angels wings in your fingertips

A life of meaning found
Hidden in a treasure chest for so long
Your footsteps the key
You are released into my arms

I have discovered this
A million instantaneous moments colliding right in the blink of an eye

You are my eternal tranquility
At peace with this embrace

Kiss me my lover
In time, this body will wear
This skin will age

Inside I will feel the love that entered my being on that fateful day
The day you brought me down from the cross and kissed these undiscovered lips

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