The Fight – Original Poem

Now is the moment when time and destiny become one

The fight for your love is a mission planned in this wayward soul
No bell to be rung, no crowd to motivate
This is not a fight for dignity; nor a life justified

This is the blood spilled for the love of her

I remember the first night you sleep in my bed
I watched you so peacefully
It was the most perfect moment of my life

Now I am going through the motions
I am a plagiarized version of myself

A romantic nomad that found a home in you

Then a tornado spun me out of control
Tossed into a field of dirt and stillness

Like a broken record, I repeat the same actions over and over
Skipping to the beat of a life moving without meaning

A lost boy in a lost world
Lost of the emotion until you showed me the other way
I no longer want to be a runaway

I want to run into your arms
I am ready to fight

I won’t run from this spot you have saved for me
With the force of an army of one, I will rediscover you

This love will only wait for one

With the ring of the bell high above the church, this will be my last fight

In the end, with these unstable feet, I will pledge a life for us


Effortless Spooning – Original Poem


Two familiar lovers find refuge in euphoric haven of one another
In the near distance, rain pours from the evening sky
Crashing into the window
A sound so comforting

Outside the patter of raindrops, an infrequent silence void of the chaos of life dawdles
Soothing sounds of heaven’s shower slipping into the pull of gravity
Only our breath fills the crisp air

The resistance to leave the soft fragrant sheets clinging to the pours and hugging every curve is powerful
With effortless spooning, our bodies draw near

Your timeless beauty and natural skin caress this weary soul
This morning will wait
For just a little longer
Closer I pull until we are one

Safe from a work of responsibility
Safe from the dangers and risks

Bound by a love, pure as the blue skies

One more moment
Just a few more hours to embrace the night

With you, effortless

A whisper in your ear
“Close your eyes my dear and let one more dream fill your mind with lemon drops and cotton candy”

Slow Down – Original Poem

Hurry to die we do not seek
Hurry to live we are

In lines, we crowd; bodies pressed together in preparation for a new delay
Traffic is a symbolic gesture to the advancement of numbers

Freedom is crushed by the mere existence of free will

Pregnant and lost
Letting newborns into a world we cannot handle

Victims to a pace faster than the speed of light
Slow down

Accept a moment of solitude; learn, teach, make well

Time is a relative number dictated by a light and darkness
A circular cycle of beginnings and endings
Each day we witness miracles

From the penetration of one heart to another to the first steps of a baby

We are overwhelmed by beautiful simplicity in a world overrun with chaos
These simple miracles are getting lost in a sea overrun by our own progress
Small miracles all around

Pieces of time forever hidden away in the hearts of man

If we hurry, we will miss this train
It is a train bound to a village of happiness; a village of inhabitants laying on a grass field, enlightened by the electric fury of life

A seat waits for you.

Training without Discipline will not defeat the Dark Side

“A Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things.” – Yoda

Pain it temporary.  it is a nerve impulse pulsating throughout your body to hold you back.  It is a mental exercise in the derivative movement toward failure.  We so often choose to give up instead of finding a path to success.  We have the heart.  We have the focus.  We have the determination.  But the spirit to learn and nurture one’s self is the failed journey so many of us follow.

That lack of heart is so often found in the corporate world.  In conference rooms to classrooms to online, training is viewed as this necessary evil….

  • “It is required that I take this training”
  • “It is the only way I will get promoted”
  • “I have learned everything I need for this job.  Why do I have to do more training?”
  • “I know more than the trainers.”
  • “I am too busy and just don’t have the time.”
  • “I already went to college, why do I need to sit through more training?”

How many of you have found yourself saying one or more of these phrases in your career?  Don’t be shy.  I think even I rattled off a few from time to time.

Have you ever wondered, what differentiates a top performer from an average performer?


The thirst for knowledge and improvement.

That is the separation point.

A true leader and adventurer in the workforce has the following attributes:

  • A constant thirst for knowledge and learning
  • A heart to see things through to completion
  • A yearning to share and help others be better
  • A passion for something
  • A never give up attitude
  • A sense of discovery
  • A detective mentality.  Hunt for the answers

Is that you?  You don’t have to answer that right now.  Perhaps you are very satisfied with that pay check every two weeks.  It provides food, shelter and an annual family vacation.  Throw in Netflix, college football and a few BBQ’s and you have a full life.  There is nothing wrong with that life path.  I commend you.

From the Edison’s to the Ford’s to the Job’s:  This planet was built by leaders who believed that failure was not an option and that training and education were the key to everything.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Flying Machine invention was published in 1499, 404 years before the Wright Brothers launched from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  Between six generations, we never stopped learning and finding out how truth and application could become one.

As you make a passage through history, a common theme you will see among the great men and women who have etched a place for all eternity, is the thirst to learn.  Their constant pursuit of perfection through training and education were the foundation of their many successes.

As you look around the office and identify those that are true explorers of knowledge, learn from them.

Here is your homework:

  • Find out what your personal passions are.  Dig deep and truly understand what energizes you.
  • Seek perfection.  Never settle for what you know.  Find training that will keep you focused and driven.
  • Pursue your goals one step at a time.
  • Challenge yourself to want to know more.
  • Never stop growing as a person, a professional and a student of life.

I Thank The Lord – Original Poem

I thank the Lord for the moments I have had
From birth to death, I have been rewarded with the greatness of existence

A fortitude of love disguised as moments of simplicity

I heard the music awaken my senses as a newborn without logic; without reason; without understanding
I found a home in the arms of a stranger, soon to become mom

I thanked the Lord who opened my eyes to awareness and took my hand in a gesture of acceptance
I met wonderful things along the way

Pierced to accept my own mortality
Gifted by these words funneled from my soul to this paper
From the ruins to the skyscrapers, my awe is in the rising sun

A daily message of the charitable contribution of existence
Turn around

Thank those before; be humbled by those that follow

I want to sing a song to this beating heart; loud and spirited
Alone I rejoice
Never to be isolated

Racing to the bottom of a valley of broken dreams, I stop
This is only a beginning
Each awakening, my eyes see once again and feel the energy of a rebirth plunge through the porous skin and impregnate my conscience with vitality and fervor

I thank the Lord
It is in this ritual of salvation I find nirvana
Deep breath and exhale

Go Gently – Original Poem

Go gently
Go gently my friend
Into that place beyond possibility

Be passionate with the hope of a better now; suspended from any expectation
Be strong with the might of a force spanning galaxies

A fiery will; a breath-taking view; an eternal feel of uncertainty

Be gentle with a heart that beats with each new life
Be assured a continuation of this passage of love
A gatekeeper to a future with no beginning; unknown end

You hold a box filled with a million points of light
All shining upon you
Blinding to soothe us into another dimension

Let go of your sight; for you will finally see
Forgo tomorrow for this will not end

Go gently into the darkness
Let yourself be pulled without fear

We are born to light
We rest in a bed of radiant heat

Release all expectations
All grants are a privilege to the selfish

You are the gift within yourself

Go gently
Guide this force without hesitation; without fear; without understanding

It is love
Love is truth

It will find you
Guide you
Hold you safe

Feel the grains of sand coat your mortal skin

Treasure Map to your Soul – Original Poem


I study the lines on your face to discover this treasure map to your soul
There is no ending; no buried treasure
Just a lineage of centuries defined in romance

From the dark ages to the peak of the rising sun
It is a journey of discovery through the annals of time with a future of endless possibility
I hit a wall; but now through the penetration of your eyes, I break through

Sipping wine in the rose garden in an age of Victorian aristocracy
Waiting by the light flashing in the darkness of the ocean waiting for the sailor to come home
Reciting poetry in the pond to an audience of nature’s creatures

In a world of senseless acts of inhumanity you shine a light in this black hole of lost hope

Your kindness is the temple I seek
I bow at the entrance and lower my head in hopes of being ushered in with humbleness
A religion of suspension hanging with only faith to defy gravity

The book of the prophets is filled with blank pages
An interpretive error or a calculated judgement

We seek answers, but we are the narrators of this life
We are the seekers of thought

We are the lovers

I study the lines on your face and I see the path
It is transparent

I move closer to the end of the map
The moment so close
Our breath shared
Our lips move closer to the ultimate fulfillment

Your power hypnotizes me
My eyes fall prey as they hibernate
Into your soft silky lips I land