Giving up – Original Poem

No one is giving up on you
There is to much life to breathe
Too many lessons to be taught
Too many mistakes to be made

Rejoice in your failures
Find comfort in the phoenix rising from the fire and soaring through the skies in celebration
Up in the clouds

Wash it away
Wash it away
Let the break of the ocean cleanse the pores of your sins

Can you see through those weary eyes?
Is the darkness setting in?
Your legs weaken
Reminding you of the harsh winds of life

Remember the sacrifice of birth giving meaning to your beating heart
It is with purpose your petals bloom
With a chisel your destiny is forever etched into these stones

This merry go round spins around and around
The sun rises and sets to rest for another day
The world sits idle while you cycle through

One day at a time
Leaving a mark
It is the wine in your veins that makes us drunk to your spell
Cast away our fears with the power you possess

Wash away
Wash away

Wash away all of what we close our eyes to
Let us forgive and heal

It is only a beginning now
A lifting
Higher and higher you will go
You will fly

As you rise, the water will lift off your skin and shower us with purity

This is your time
Capture it
Share this instant for all eternity

Life heals

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