To Me, You are Perfect – Original Poem

Remember the way we were

The way your eyes softened as you gazed into mine
The way we saw the world like two children in the playground without worry

Remember the poem that we shared in the ocean surrounded by the essence of all existence
I left my troubles behind for just a moment
I focused on you and the words just came to me

The warmth of the sun beating on our faces
The illumination of your face reminded me of the angels in the scriptures

You remind me that romance is a potion with no cure
Love is the culmination of two souls guided to a common place
For every mistake, I am humbled by your acceptance

You are my hatred, my love, my tears, my laughter

Hope is that every day you will see me with the same love pitted deep in your soul at this moment
Every moment I am alone, I am seeing the world through your eyes
My soul is carried with you In distance, we are strengthened
Each night without you, the stars remind me you are near

Beneath the same universe I cherish my bond You are the precision of virtue

A canvas sketched by the colors of the rainbow
Exploding with a thousand beams of light You are my love
A perfect sculpture resting in my arms for all eternity

In a world of doubt
A world of uncertainty
You are perfect, to me


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