Go Gently – Original Poem

Go gently
Go gently my friend
Into that place beyond possibility

Be passionate with the hope of a better now; suspended from any expectation
Be strong with the might of a force spanning galaxies

A fiery will; a breath-taking view; an eternal feel of uncertainty

Be gentle with a heart that beats with each new life
Be assured a continuation of this passage of love
A gatekeeper to a future with no beginning; unknown end

You hold a box filled with a million points of light
All shining upon you
Blinding to soothe us into another dimension

Let go of your sight; for you will finally see
Forgo tomorrow for this will not end

Go gently into the darkness
Let yourself be pulled without fear

We are born to light
We rest in a bed of radiant heat

Release all expectations
All grants are a privilege to the selfish

You are the gift within yourself

Go gently
Guide this force without hesitation; without fear; without understanding

It is love
Love is truth

It will find you
Guide you
Hold you safe

Feel the grains of sand coat your mortal skin

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