I Thank The Lord – Original Poem

I thank the Lord for the moments I have had
From birth to death, I have been rewarded with the greatness of existence

A fortitude of love disguised as moments of simplicity

I heard the music awaken my senses as a newborn without logic; without reason; without understanding
I found a home in the arms of a stranger, soon to become mom

I thanked the Lord who opened my eyes to awareness and took my hand in a gesture of acceptance
I met wonderful things along the way

Pierced to accept my own mortality
Gifted by these words funneled from my soul to this paper
From the ruins to the skyscrapers, my awe is in the rising sun

A daily message of the charitable contribution of existence
Turn around

Thank those before; be humbled by those that follow

I want to sing a song to this beating heart; loud and spirited
Alone I rejoice
Never to be isolated

Racing to the bottom of a valley of broken dreams, I stop
This is only a beginning
Each awakening, my eyes see once again and feel the energy of a rebirth plunge through the porous skin and impregnate my conscience with vitality and fervor

I thank the Lord
It is in this ritual of salvation I find nirvana
Deep breath and exhale

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