Effortless Spooning – Original Poem


Two familiar lovers find refuge in euphoric haven of one another
In the near distance, rain pours from the evening sky
Crashing into the window
A sound so comforting

Outside the patter of raindrops, an infrequent silence void of the chaos of life dawdles
Soothing sounds of heaven’s shower slipping into the pull of gravity
Only our breath fills the crisp air

The resistance to leave the soft fragrant sheets clinging to the pours and hugging every curve is powerful
With effortless spooning, our bodies draw near

Your timeless beauty and natural skin caress this weary soul
This morning will wait
For just a little longer
Closer I pull until we are one

Safe from a work of responsibility
Safe from the dangers and risks

Bound by a love, pure as the blue skies

One more moment
Just a few more hours to embrace the night

With you, effortless

A whisper in your ear
“Close your eyes my dear and let one more dream fill your mind with lemon drops and cotton candy”

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