The Fight – Original Poem

Now is the moment when time and destiny become one

The fight for your love is a mission planned in this wayward soul
No bell to be rung, no crowd to motivate
This is not a fight for dignity; nor a life justified

This is the blood spilled for the love of her

I remember the first night you sleep in my bed
I watched you so peacefully
It was the most perfect moment of my life

Now I am going through the motions
I am a plagiarized version of myself

A romantic nomad that found a home in you

Then a tornado spun me out of control
Tossed into a field of dirt and stillness

Like a broken record, I repeat the same actions over and over
Skipping to the beat of a life moving without meaning

A lost boy in a lost world
Lost of the emotion until you showed me the other way
I no longer want to be a runaway

I want to run into your arms
I am ready to fight

I won’t run from this spot you have saved for me
With the force of an army of one, I will rediscover you

This love will only wait for one

With the ring of the bell high above the church, this will be my last fight

In the end, with these unstable feet, I will pledge a life for us

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