I Love the Way You Love – Original Poem

I love the way you love

The dance in the middle of the park without music, without an audience but a story of a princess and the ball running through your head
The mornings when the aroma of coffee and the warmth of the rising sun remind me of home

It is in the heart that you share
The compassion for the weak that makes you strong

If I could feel the love you feel, I would know the answers I have sought as I journey to this sunset
On this horse named Hope, I ride without direction
Listening for your heartbeat

You hug as if it is the first time seeing me
Holding tight, reminding without words the importance of touch

You laugh with the strength of Hercules; cry with the devastation of Pompeii

So much patience
One step at a time
Birth to twilight

When you close your eyes as the wind brushes back your hair, there is a connection with nature most can never understand

I love the way you love
All things
All dreams

In the rain, you see re-birth
A cleansing of the soul
The rest run

At night, you embrace the silence
In the crowds and the screaming, the embrace of life

I love that you believe in the greater good
Humanity is a gift you unwrap once strand at a time
Mental nakedness lets you feel

I love the way you love
In you, I continue to learn

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