Those Times Remain – Original Poem

Memories play all night in my head without sound
Familiar faces defying space and time creating a collage of thought and reflection

Friends moving on, promises made, jokes buried for another day
As we go on, we remember
Some through song; others images

The places stay the same, the footsteps have changed

Invincible to youth, we lived without despair or regret
A mistake was just our way of trying again

We kissed at the dance and promised forever, when forever was just a day away

We had the shore to sweep away our problems
Lying in the sand at midnight with the sounds of JT on the boombox and the stars peeking in on the awkward moments of two teenagers

As we lie there certain of our adolescent uncertainty, the words of our favorite poet from English class would save the moment and secure the kiss

The reflection of the moon in your eyes branded in my head
Thinking back to those life lessons; those words of our elder teachers about risk and safety
Where was the love?

It hit us like a set of bricks

After the tans
The drinks
The laughter and pride

We just wanted to be a boy and girl and stay young forever in these simple moments

Lives change
Responsibility blinds us to a false sense of value
Time crashes into our ride giving us whiplash

As I remain still on this concrete jungle I am filled with sweet emotion
In my conscious, my friends remain forever

With my eyes closed, I think about those few girls and boys that have filled my life with fondness and provided me with the true eduction of life’s classroom

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