A Matter of Inches – Original Poem

Life is stupid in the way we involve unnecessary complexity
We live in a idealistic box of purpose

What is purpose?  It is a manifestation created in our minds to answer the question, why?

Eternity is not forever
Eternity is made up of billions of isolated moments creating a mural of existence

We are part of eternity
With the decisions we make and the love we give

You have shared eternal moments, each and every day

Simplify your life to a few brief thoughts
Bring those ideas to the table and look what it has become

The puzzle is no longer scattered pieces hiding in the corners afraid to come together
It is complete and inside of that puzzle you see yourself
The perfect you

Have you ever imagined something so unique it defies the logic of thousands of years of humanity?
If you truly believe, its becomes reality
It may not be actionable, but it warms the soul like sipping hot cocoa under a billion stars

Stop; let the silence swallow you
Feel the energy of this moment reaching new heights
Accelerating your senses

It is a power not proven by silence and logic
It is you, the maker of moments; the eternal self

Beautiful moments are born with each breath

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